Agile Project Management

The best technology solutions are the ones that continually evolve to meet the emerging needs of their users and those that grab hold of the opportunities for innovation and disruption.

KRE8 IT helps you stay on top of your game, ensuring that the most important features get built first, to give you the best return from your technology investment in OutSystems.

Using our Agile Project Management approach, we'll guide and coach your team through the following practices right from the start:

  • Preliminary Meeting (2h) for the Agile Coach and the Project Sponsor to establish the project objectives, high level scope, and success criteria.
  • Confirm your OutSystems environment configuration and access permissions.
  • Confirm the roles, responsibilities, and availability of the team members.
Week 1:
  • Product Backlog Meeting (2h) for the Agile Coach to guide the Product Owner in defining and prioritising the User Stories for the Product Backlog.
  • Evaluation Kick-Off Meeting (1h) for the Agile Coach to introduce the agile delivery approach to the team and agree on the key milestones and deliverables.
  • Sprint Planning Meeting (3h) for the Development Team to understand and to clarify the top priority requirements, and to commit to the delivery of the User Stories they believe they can complete in the first sprint.
Week 2 onwards:
  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting (1h) for the Development Team to reflect on what worked well in the last sprint and identify what can be improved going forward.
  • Development Showcase (1h) for the Development Team to demonstrate the features completed in the last sprint to the key stakeholders. The feedback from the audience will be considered for implementation in the next or a future sprint.
  • Backlog Grooming Meeting (1h) for the Product Owner to review feedback, add or change User Stories, and adjust the priorities of the remaining User Stories in the Product Backlog.
  • Sprint Planning Meeting (1h) (as above).

To get started, please give Charles a call on 0410 213 210 or leave a message on the Contact Us page.