Rapid Solution Delivery with OutSystems

Low-code development is a revolutionary new way to deliver enterprise grade mobile apps and web portals much faster than it was possible before. OutSystems is the leader in low-code application development, and KRE8 IT is an experienced Certified OutSystems Partner in Melbourne, Australia.

​The right tools for the job

There are many ways to get any job done, but having the right tools certainly makes a big difference. ​You can build a house with just hand tools out of raw materials, but you'll get it built a whole lot faster and with much greater precision and quality by using the right power tools and some pre-fabricated components.

The same is true when you're building a custom mobile app or web application.​ You can employ a team of developers, database administrators, system administrators, etc., to deliver every aspect of your solution, or you can automate most of the manual tasks (including coding) and focus instead on delivering the best user experience and functionality a lot faster, with quality, speed, and scalability, all built in.

OutSystems not only speeds up the development of your application, but it also speeds up the deployment and administration of your solution, getting your product into the hands of your consumers much sooner.

Beyond the initial launch, OutSystems also empowers you to evolve your solution and deliver fixes and enhancements much faster than it was ever possible before. Keep your customers happy and gain a huge advantage by staying ahead of your competitors.

Enablement Services

KRE8 IT accelerates your transition to low-code development and rapid solution delivery with OutSystems.

Here's how we do it:

​The right people for the job

"Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great." – Chef Auguste Gusteau. This quote, made famous by the Pixar animated film, Ratatouille, is true in many areas of life, including software development. Just like a good chef who invents their own recipes and creates culinary masterpieces, so will a seasoned (pardon the pun) developer use their creativity and experience to craft innovative solutions that make life better for their users.

With the advent of low-code development, pretty much anyone can build a mobile app or web application, but only the best will deliver consistently outstanding results. Having the right tools is one thing; knowing how to best apply them is the other necessary ingredient. It's what separates the craftsmen from the tradesmen.

KRE8 IT accelerates the transition to low-code development and rapid solution delivery using OutSystems, by guiding and coaching your team at every stage of your journey, from ideation to implementation.

If you don't have a team, that's no problem either. KRE8 IT will assemble a team from their network of experienced OutSystems developers, in Australia and offshore, that's just right for your project.

How to get started?

Once you have an idea or a vision for what you want to accomplish with a mobile app or web portal application, we should talk. Give Charles a call on 0410 213 210 or leave a message on the Contact Us page.

Together, we will work out the best and quickest path to turn your idea into reality. We will:

  • guide you through your evaluation process,
  • demonstrate the power of the OutSystems platform,
  • build a proof of concept (POC) application for you or with you,
  • set up your Development, QA, and Production environments,
  • train your team or build a team for you,
  • and get your first project built and live in record time!
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OutSystems Certified Partner in Melbourne, Australia

KRE8 IT is a Certified OutSystems Partner in Melbourne, Australia