About KRE8 IT

KRE8 IT is a boutique IT consulting business in Melbourne, serving clients all over Australia.

It started as a part-time business in 2009 to help small business owners establish their online presence and to advise them on their technology options to grow their businesses online.

We built and hosted several websites, including some eCommerce sites selling various goods ranging from computer retail to educational materials and digital products.

Today, KRE8 IT provides consulting services to businesses with great ideas who need a technology partner to take care of their complete technical solution to turn their ideas into reality.

KRE8 IT can guide you and enable you to accomplish your vision from validating and improving your idea, modelling and forecasting the financial and operational figures, architecting and designing an elegant technical solution, developing and implementing your solution, as well as enhancing and supporting your enabling technology.

Our Clients

​We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small businesses and startups to medium and large enterprises. It's not the size of the business that we care about when selecting our clients, but the size of their vision and the difference they want to make in this world!

Here are some examples of the clients we've helped with their technology needs:


Pecoz is a marketing technology startup bringing a unique approach to customer feedback, loyalty rewards, and marketing automation to local businesses. Pecoz chose KRE8 IT as their technology partner to build the complete technology solution for them, including the Pecoz mobile app, their website, and their internal web application used by the team to easily manage their big data and automate their business processes.

KRE8 IT designed and built the full technology stack from the back-end database and complex algorithms to the elegant user interface of the Pecoz mobile app for iOS and Android. We leveraged the power and speed of the OutSystems rapid application delivery platform to create a fully integrated solution.


PROtog is an importer and distributor of equipment​ used by photo and video professionals. KRE8 IT helped PROtog with website migrations and hosting, integration of data feeds between their ordering and logistics systems, as well as enhancing their demand forecasting model.

​Foot Posture Centre

​The Foot Posture Centre is a podiatry with two clinics in Melbourne specialising in natural treatments without orthotics. KRE8 IT hosts all the various domains owned by Foot Posture Centre, set up to redirect to the main website, saving them hundreds of dollars a year compared to their previous provider. The Foot Posture Centre website is currently being rebuilt from the ground up by KRE8 IT using a conversion focused business template for WordPress.

​Avant Insurance Limited

Avant offers professional indemnity and other types of insurance for doctors and medical practices. Charles Papp, the Founder and Principal Consultant of KRE8 IT, was employed by Avant for over a decade in various IT management positions. With the help of his internal team, and outsourced resources, he was responsible for the design, development, deployment, and support of Avant's core business applications and digital assets including Avant's Intranet and website. Charles continues to support Avant through KRE8 IT, as the need arises.

Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) Research Office​

​The NSLHD Research Office operates from the Kolling Institute to facilitate medical and health research that benefits the community. KRE8 IT developed an elegant solution, built on a survey platform, for a panel of experts to be able to review and rate research grant applications.

4 The Family / Babywise Bliss

​4 The Family authored several educational videos and books for parents. KRE8 IT helped them establish their online presence by configuring their domain and email services, creating and hosting their eCommerce websites, and advising them on all their web technology needs.

Find Advice​

​Find Advice provide financial and insurance services to their clients. KRE8 IT built and hosted a couple of branded websites for them, including some advanced lead capture forms.

Baby PC​

Baby PC specialised in notebook computers and accessories​. KRE8 IT built and hosted their online eCommerce site and helped with their online search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

KRE8 IT is a Certified OutSystems Partner in Melbourne, Australia

KRE8 IT is a Certified OutSystems Partner in Melbourne, Australia