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Guiding principles and values


Meaningful Contribution

We are energised by knowing that our contribution is amplified through our clients' use of the technology solutions we build for them, so that they can make a greater difference in the world.


Respectful Collaboration

We believe that we can get more done when we work together towards a common goal by sharing our knowledge, exchanging ideas, and helping each other grow.


Genuine Appreciation

We are truly grateful to be surrounded by people who continually strive for excellence and spur each other on to accomplish amazing results.


Transparent Honesty

We share openly what we know and what we're planning to do, without compromising confidentiality agreements, so that we can be trusted by everyone we interact with.


Irrational Generosity

We believe that people and long-term relationships are more important than short-term revenue and profits, so we will do whatever it takes to deliver real value to those that share our belief.


Ramsay Health Care
Next Payments
Ellen Medical Devices
The George Institute for Global Health
Aidacare Healthcare Equipment

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